After lots of waiting, and many circulating rumours, we are excited to announce that StockX is finally expanding into Canada! The brand has announced plans to open three Canadian brick-and-mortar authentication centres, with the first one opening in Mississauga today!

StockX has become a staple in the global sneaker landscape, being the originator of the free authentication service that has now become the standard when buying and selling sneakers online. Canadians have long been customers of the Detroit-based platform, with the brand adding the option to switch your preferred currency to CAD in recent years.

Our most popular articles here on Canada Got Sole are related to buying and selling on StockX; and most of all, what buyers can expect to be charged at the door once the CBSA has added any import taxes and duty fees, and how they can avoid it. Now, with their expansion into Canada, StockX is able to introduce an “all-in pricing” feature; which means what you see is what you get. Yes, that means the scariest of all surprises is now taken care of – the dreaded import duty fees. With StockX’s new expansion, their first priority when buying from the app will be to try to connect Canadian sellers to Canadian buyers, effectively avoiding the Canadian border in the selling process, therefore avoiding any import fees!

For more information on StockX’s foray into Canada, listen to True to Size episode 145, where we interview the general manager of StockX Canada. He gives us the rundown of what differences we can expect to see as Canadian customers, why they decided to expand up north, and what could be coming down the pipeline for StockX Canada in the near future.

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