122 | Art On Your Feet ft. Jumpin In With Both Feet


We’re back after our week off in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter protests taking place around the world – but before we jump in, please remember that this is not a trend or a fad, and this is something that needs attention every single day. 

We’re joined this week by good friend of the show, Mike, AKA Jumpin In With Both Feet, who jumps in while we talk a new signing for Converse Hoops, if we truly have a rotation right now, and more food talk during NSR. Since it’s Mike’s first visit he gets to play 21 Guestions, and then we learn a little of his sneaker history in his Soleography. We also get some insight from him about joining the sneaker game a little later in life, and how that may have influenced his purchasing habits. 

We conclude, once again, with a shout out for an Essential Worker who is out on the front lines saving the world. 

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