Due to the feedback we’ve received on our article about Buying From Stock X as a Canadian, we figured it only made sense that people would want to know what it’s like to sell on the sneaker-resell platform from Canada as well.

Just to keep everyone up to date; these are our own personal experiences, and we are in no way affiliated with Stock X. We are located in the Greater Toronto Area, and the timeline for shipping, shipping costs, etc, may vary depending on your exact location. Please only use this as a guide.


Unlike buying from Stock X from Canada, selling through the Detroit-based platform is significantly more straightforward and simple – but we just want to give you guys some tips and insight that make will make your experience as simple as possible.

First off, be sure that the sneaker you want to sell fits the requirements set out by Stock X. Your shoes need to be completely brand new, with their original, undamaged box, and complete with all original accessories (extra laces, hang tags, etc). If your box is dented or damaged, if you’re missing some extra laces, or your sneaker is not brand new and in pristine condition, your shoe will not pass authentication and you could be on the hook for a failed authentication fee. I once had a pair of GS-sized AJ1 Shadows returned to me because they were missing the extra laces (the GS pair didn’t even come with extra laces and I was incredible annoyed, but you get the idea).

When selling on Stock X, you are given two options; place an Ask, or Sell Now. If you opt to Sell Now, you are agreeing to sell your item for the highest current bid. If you opt place an Ask, you are not happy with the current highest bid, and are entering a queue of other sellers who have listed their sneakers. Wether placing your Ask or opting to Sell Now, you are able to see what your actual payout will be if you choose to sell for that price. On average, a Canadian seller pays $15.00 shipping, a 3% processing fee, and about a 9% transaction fee (depending on how frequently you sell on the site). Be sure you are comfortable with your total payout before you complete the steps in selling your sneakers, as once you have gone through the process, you are obligated to send off the shoes.


Once you sell your shoe for the highest bid or your ask is accepted by a seller, you will get an email and also a notification through your mobile app that it’s time to ship your sneakers. Remember, you only have 2-3 business days (depending on the situation you will be told how long you have) to drop your shoe off at UPS – if you are late, you will be charged a fee by Stock X. You are then prompted through the app to print two different documents. The first is a Stock X order sheet and a UPS shipping label. The Stock X order sheet is used by the company to figure out who the shoes came from and where they are going – this sheet goes directly in the shoe box. The shipping label goes with the other set of documents, which is four declaration forms. These forms are to be signed and dated by you, and all of them must accompany the shipping label in a clear sleeve to be placed on the outside of the shipping box (you can have the clerk at the UPS store do this for you). The shipping box should not be too large, as the shoe box could bounce around and the box getting damaged is considered your fault. Once your shipping box is taped up and ready to go, simply head to your nearest UPS store and they will do the rest.


You can track your packages progress directly through the Stock X app, and you will be notified via email when your package has arrived at Stock X for authentication. Typically, from Toronto, you can expect it to take about 2.5 days to arrive at the Detroit offices.


Once it has arrived, it typically only takes a coupe of course to authenticate your shoes, and you will be notified by Stock X that your shoes are good to go, and a follow-up email from Paypal will let you know that your money has been sent.


Selling through the Stock X platform is incredibly easy, and your money is released quite promptly. Other methods of selling like local Facebook groups, Kijiji, etc, can be time consuming when factoring in meet ups, travel, negotiation, etc, and Stock X has become a real favourite of mine if I have pairs to unload (mostly just to buy more shoes!).

Hopefully this helped answer any questions or concerns you may have had – happy selling!


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