The last time we wrote about the process of buying off StockX from Canada was in an article from mid 2018. Since then some things have changed on the buying platform, and we just wanted to update our fellow Canadians about what to expect when buying from the Detroit-based resell site.

First and foremost, some housekeeping. We are in no way affiliated with Stock X, this is not an ad; we are simply recounting our own experiences in hopes of making your buying process as simple as possible. Secondly, please not, we are located in the Greater Toronto Area, and specifics about duty fees, delivery times, and other details may vary depending on your exact location. Please be sure to only use this information as a guide.

Now on to the nitty gritty.


First of all, since we last wrote, Stock X has introduced the option to convert your currency on their platform to Canadian dollars, which obviously makes things easier to calculate when you’re thinking of buying a new pair of sneakers. Everything from current asks, highest bids, to the fees, and shipping are now available in our native currency, so there are no surprises with conversion.

The buying experience is still essentially the same, and still incredibly straightforward. You can place your bid on an item, or choose the lowest current offer and buy right away. After purchasing the sneaker you will receive and order confirmation in your email, and in you Stock X profile you will have access to your order information. Your seller typically has 2-3 days to send their item in for authentication. Once it has arrived at Stock X’s Detroit offices, the team will authenticate your item, and you will receive an email notification that your item has now been approved, and is on your way to you. Typically, Stock X will authenticate and re-ship your item in the same day – so turn around for this part of the process is not long at all.


Along with your shipping notification will be a tracking number (you can also access this tracking number directly through Stock X’s website/mobile app. Recently it appears that Canadian orders are being shipped using DHL, as opposed to the past where they would use UPS – I’ll get in to why that’s important a little later.

About a day after receiving your shipping confirmation, expect to receive a text message and/or email directly from DHL regarding duties owed on your order. Previously, it seemed as though duties or import taxes were hit and miss – sometimes you’d avoid them, and sometimes you’d get hit. Now it appears that every single order from Stock X will have some sort of import fee attached to it. Make sure you take this into account when ordering from anywhere outside of Canada. Duties are typically around 30% of the amount you paid for the sneakers, rather than the original retail price. I have seen duties be as low as 15%, and as high as 50%. It all comes down to country of origin of the product itself, where the item originally came from, etc. For example; my import fee on a Bape x Disney vinyl figure was about $25.00 (or 15% of my purchase price), and my fees for the Kith x Disney Converse Chuck Taylor was $100 (about 45% of the original purchase price). Stock X is not responsible for charging you import fees – this is a tax from the Canadian government for importing goods into the country.


You will be given the option of paying your import fees directly to DHL online, or at the door when your item is delivered.  I always opt to pay the tax online so that the driver can leave the package on my doorstep if I’m not home – something they can’t do if you haven’t paid. The alternate option is to self-clear your package directly with the Canadian Border Services Agency. This is a longer process, but can potentially save you the “brokerage fee” which all shippers will charge to clear your package for you. For more information on this process, check our article. As mentioned – Canadian orders from Stock X are now shipped with DHL, and the only downside to this is that their online platform does not show you how much DHL is charging you by way of “brokerage fee” to clear your package. You will need to call DHL in order to collect this info, and then decide if you’d like to self-clear. Total shipping time can be as quick as about 4-5 business days, and as long as 10 business days – depending on where the sneaker was originally sold.

Overall, Stock X is still arguably one of the safest options when looking to buy sneakers online. They ‘guarantee’ the authenticity, are relatively transparent throughout the whole process, and have half-decent customer service to help you with any questions.

One again, we hope this helps clear up any questions that you may have about the process of purchasing from Stock X from Canada, and we’d like to reiterate that your experience may vary as there are several contributing factors that go in to import fees, duty charges, shipping time, etc.

If you’re interested in making some dough, please check out SELLING ON STOCK X AS A CANADIAN as well.



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