Adidas Harden Vol. 4: Review

The CGS Team was recently blessed with a few pairs of Adidas Harden Vol.4. We talked about them on episode 84 of True to Size but, here is a quick review.  First impressions of the shoes is that they are aesthetically pleasing and in my opinion they have a little bit of a Yeezy 500 vibe because of the mid-sole and the toe box.


With this specific model, James Harden wanted to share more details about himself to allow his fans to get to know him a little more. One of the Notable details is the “106 Street” on the collar of the shoe.


This represents the street he grew up on and where he fell in love with the game of basketball. If you want to know about the other details check this “UnBoxed” video out from BR Kicks featuring the man himself.

When looking at the fit of the Harden vol. 4 I would say that it is”True To Size” in terms of length. However, the toe box is fairly snug and did not allow me to wear any sort of basketball socks, aka stance socks or any brand of performance sock. I suggest trying on a pair in store to see how they feel and possibly going half a size up.


The one major change on the Harden Vol. 4 from the previous pairs is that there is no longer the Boost Cushioning System in the mid-sole. They are using a new cushioning system called “LightStrike”. Compared to the other models that contained boost, the Vol. 4 is much lighter. This is a feature that a lot of the sneaker brands are doing with their recent basketball performance models. . In terms of the on court performance, the LightStrike cushioning does it’s job. There is definitely a difference from the boost, but you still have the comfort and responsiveness needed for the usual running and dunking that goes on in a game. DSC_0825-01

The grip on the court is pretty responsive and did not disappoint. In terms of ankle lock down I was pretty satisfied with the support. I felt that the heel counter was able to lock my foot into the sneaker and did not allow for any lift while performing lateral movements and running up the court.  Overall, the Harden Vol. 4 is a good performance basketball shoe, with the reasonable price of $180 CAD these would be a good choice. Looking forward to see what other CW come out.



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