80 | The Hardie Bones Podcast ft. Hardie Girl and Laizey Bonez


Another week, another episode, more legal drama within the sneaker community; as the Swoosh sues Sketchers over their new, very Air Maxish, designs. LDoggy also puts on his I.T. hat and tries to explain New Balance’s newest attempt at protecting their products from being counterfeited, and we also hear about some XXX-rated news from Down Under. This week we were paid a visit by Meredydd and Laize, better known as Hardie Girl and Laizey Bones, so we played our first ever dual round of 21 Guestions. We then learn how the duo was able to unintentionally grow a wildly successful Instagram account, how they feel females are perceived in the sneaker world, and what they’d like to see from brands going forward. 

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