This article was guest written by @the.jplay of @cleanyour.shoes. Photos were taken by Joey Tointon at @jrt_sportsphotography. 

Walk A Particular Way


Perhaps the number one reason that sneakerheads will walk funny is because they don’t want to crease their sneakers, if they can help it. If you’re saying you don’t walk a particular kind of way with your sneakers, you’re lying to yourself. When you pull a fresh pair of newly copped sneakers out on the town, you’re constantly making sure what and where you walk on isn’t a threat to your kicks. And speaking on constantly checking on your sneakers…


Always Look Down At Their Sneakers

You can’t help it though, it’s just secondhand nature. Whether you just got them or you’ve had them for some time, when you’re out and about, you’re always looking at your sneakers. In conjunction with walking funny, your gaze is directed at your kicks every 1-15 minutes. Even if nothing happened to them, and they’re perfectly safe, you still can’t help but look at them just to make sure. A side effect of this, however, is that you start to get paranoid about anything that seems irregular about your sneakers, when a lot of times, it’s all in your head. Your mind is playing tricks on you.

Plan Their Wardrobe Around Their Sneakers

Most people, before the start of their day, decide what they are going to wear for the day from the top down. Not sneakerheads. Before the start of your day, most likely you are deciding what kicks you are going to wear, and then what the rest of your outfit will look like only after the sneakers. In fact, you even plan ahead enough to know what sneakers you’ll be wearing the remainder of the week, sometimes.

Rationalize Every Sneaker Purchase

Even when you didn’t need to buy those sneakers, you still did, for whatever reason that may or may not make sense. There’s no shame in it, because we all do it. Some may do it more than others, but we still do it. What’s worse, the more you want the sneaker, the more you will come up with a reason to buy them. The debate really isn’t about whether or not you should purchase the sneakers, but rather why you should be purchasing the sneakers. You want the sneakers and there’s not much to sway you from buying them, you just need what you figure to be a valid reason to buy them.

Make Sneaker Contact Before Eye Contact

When meeting a sneakerhead, there is a great chance that he or she peeped your sneakers long before you even made contact with them, and they’re already judging you on your choice of kicks in their head. It’s natural for us to do. Anytime we’re out and about, one of the first things we look at in/on people are what’s on their feet. Even as there is no real connection between someone’s shoes and the kind of person that they are, sneakerheads certainly like to think so, and tend to develop an idea of who you are based off your sneakers.

Never Admit They Have Too Many Sneakers

Many sneakerheads will argue that it is impossible to have too many sneakers, but fact of the matter is, sometimes, we do own a lot more than we might actually be able to manage. And after a while, the collection might get to a point where you have to get rid of some pairs, but you’ll never say outright it was because you have too many sneakers. Instead, you might say because you don’t wear the sneakers anymore, or that they’re old and out of style, and while those reasons may be true, the real underlying reason behind a lot of sneaker purging is because you have too many for that point in time.

Take On Feet Shots All The Time

All. The. Time. I’d be lying to you if I said I didn’t have at least 5-10 on-feet shots of every pair of sneakers I have in my rotation, all backed up on a Dropbox AND Google Drive. That’s not counting shots that I still have on my phone, which is somewhere around a cool 500. The on-foot shot is that first picture you take when you give your friends the review and details on the new sneaker you just copped, or when you want to flex a little bit on social media. And if there’s a cool backdrop or scene to take in the shot, it makes the on-foot shot that much more worth it to us.



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