The Teaser: OD Toronto

Last night the Canada Got Sole family had the chance to experience the long anticipated OD Toronto store. We were given the opportunity to ask the OD team questions and have them answer them on the True to Size Podcast.As you take your first step into the store you see an open space with a basketball net mounted on the wall. The feeling of nostalgia and awe take you over as you walk deeper into the store.

Having the opportunity to see the rare and exclusive items that are usually only found on-line, give you an understanding for the name, “OD Toronto”. From the floors that showcase a rare collection of skate decks to some of the rare sneakers and Supreme Pieces showcased in the middle, each section of the store causing you to feel some type of way.That’s enough for now, I want to leave the rest for you to experience first hand. When you get a chance pop by the store and say what up to the family there. The whole squad gives off good vibes and are all welcoming. Definitely felt a strong sense of community radiating from everyone who work there. Make sure you listen to episode 57 of True to Size to learn more about the team and the store.

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