The Dad Shoe of All Dad Shoes – The New Balance 990 v.5

Okay, so I know what you are thinking, I am biased to Dad shoes because I, am a dad. But what you fail to understand is, COMFORT IS EVERYTHING! If you can have a sneaker that can provide you with the comfort you need to stay on your feet for hours a day, while being visually appealing with your outfit, it’s a keeper. The New Balance 990 v5 has all those aforementioned traits needed in a quality “Dad Shoe”.


Every brand has had their fair share of dad shoes, but New Balance’s 990 Dad Shoe heritage has been around since 1982. The first 990 featured more of a classic runner silhouette as opposed to the new infamous “Dad Shoe” appearance. Throughout the years as the 990 began an evolution it began to take more of the shape that it is known for now. A good mixture of mesh, buttery suede, mixed in with the right amount of 3M hits and the right fit, the 990 has become a popular sneaker silhouette for both dads and models alike.

The 990 v5 is not much different from its predecessors. The design on the toe box has evolved a bit and the formation of the Encap midsole has been modified slightly but, it has not lost it’s 990 esthetic. The fit of the shoe is like most New Balance. For myself, a half a size down from my regular size 11 (US 10.5) fit perfectly. Width wise my feet are fairly wide, and these accommodate that perfectly.

In terms of materials used, when you see any of the Made in USA, or Made in UK New Balance sneakers, the materials are always top notch. That does not change on these 990 v5, the suede is butter soft, stitching is on point, and the overall construction is clean. From the “V” on the heel, the settle, embossed “990” on the heel counter, and the “Made in the USA” emblem on the tongue, the details are crazy. Finally, the Grey colorway that is essential to complete the “Dad Shoe” esthetic. It is a good mixture of different shades of grey that is accented with a white midsole and white laces.

Overall the New Balance 990 v5 is a dope shoe to have in your collection but do yourself and favor and try them on. Like Kawaii says, “Game Speaks for Itself”.




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