Air Max Month has arrived, and we have partnered with a very good #FriendOfTheShow, @jbsgldstk, on a March Madness-style bracket to determine which of our 64 competitors will take home Air Max supremacy.

JBS-AMM-THE-COMPETITION.jpg64 different pairs were selected and will be pitted against one another on Josh’s and our Instagram stories, where you can select who moves to the next round.

Below you can find the full printable bracket so you can fill out your personal picks and follow along for the entire month. There will also be prizes dished out to those who can predict the most accurate final winners! Fill out the bracket this weekend and submit your completed choices by Monday to @jbsgldstk, and then follow along all month to see how you do. You can also gain bonus points by wearing a pair that is featured on any particular day’s matchup!


Shout out to Josh for letting us hop on board for such an awesome project, and we can’t wait to see who takes home the hardware!


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