It seems like the Canada Got Sole team is getting pretty good at acquiring sneakers that were once apart of the ‘CGS Picks’ on True to Size.  After previewing this pair on the podcast, I became obsessive about them, and it was only a matter of time until I made them mine. These are undoubtably one of the best Jordan “team” performance basketball sneakers to release in a long long time. I’m hoping the quality and execution that Jordan Brand displayed on this pair is a sign of more positive things to come from a depleting signature line from the basketball line.


This isn’t meant to be a review of the aesthetics of the shoe, but I feel compelled not to cover the story and some of the crazy details found on the sneaker. The first and probably most eye-catching detail of the shoe is the bright and approaching on obnoxious colourway and colour blocking. This particular pair, dubbed Future History, is inspired by every jersey that Russel Westbrook wore leading up to him being drafted into the NBA. Each new model will have the nickname of the shoe listed on a small tag that is stitch into the medial side of the left shoe. The next notable detail is a small black panel found on the midsole of the right shoe. This black panel will be found on every model of the Zer0.2 – regardless of its colourway – as a place for Russel to write the name of his late friend, which he does before every game. The whole shoe’s unorthodox look is rounded-out by the placement of the size tag, which can be found under the shoe, on the outsole – going full Converse Chuck Tailor on ’em.


Now on to the actual performance of the shoes. Just for reference, I have a regular-width foot, with a pretty regular arch, and a high instep. First off, the fit of the shoe is pretty much true to size. I am a true 8.5/9, and I opted for the 8.5, just because I prefer my basketball shoes to be as snug as possible. Right when I slipped my foot into the shoe at 306 Yonge, I knew these were going to be a great sneaker. The first slip-in feel of the shoe is absolutely awesome.


As for the on court feel, I couldn’t be happier with how these performed. The lockdown system that Jumpman used on these had my foot feeling very secure, and as someone with ankles like Jell-o, that is a must for me. Jordan Brand also used a new circular grip system, which was extremely responsive and made for a perfect compliment to the lockdown feeling I had – and what’s good grip without solid sneaker lockdown? The cushioning is not exactly soft, but based on Westbrook’s style of play, with a lot of quick cuts and grinding minutes, you would expect that he’d need a firmer base to work with. Soft cushioning is all well and good, but when you want to push off quickly or stop on a dime, you really need that firmer midsole.

I will admit, I did need a few games to break in the shoe. The knitted upper is super sturdy, so it did take a while to loosen up, but once it did, these were butter. Another feature that took some getting used to was the extra piece on the heel portion of the upper. Above and outside where your heel sits, there is an extra layer of padding that rides up about a half inch above the part of the heel where your foot actually sits. At first it had me feeling like the shoe was too big, as my foot wasn’t actually sitting at the “back” of the shoe. But once I played a few games I realized that the extra piece seemed to only be aesthetic, and I got used to it.


With a super reasonable price tag of $170.00CAD, these are a great option for anyone looking for a new pair of ball kicks. As I said before, these are by far my favourite signature basketball sneaker in a long, long time. A bunch of upcoming colourways are also looking super clean, and if Russ keeps killing it on court, expect this sneaker to take off.

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