Kuwallatee Goods

Have you ever imagined a specific style of clothing, but could not find a brand that could actually fulfill your imagination? For me, I was always in the market for clothing that helped to showcase my sneakers. Kuwallatee is that brand.

Kuwallatee is a brand that is literally run by sneakerheads. Each of their pieces, especially their bottoms, are created to help a sneaker enthusiast showcase their prized possessions. However, their apparel is not what I am writing about, I am writing about their first sneaker silhouette, the Kuwalla Aboreal. It was “Designed in Montreal, with materials from Italy, and put together in Portugal.”

Being a huge fan of their brand and their message of being environmentally friendly. It was a must that I support their new venture. The Kuwalla Arboreal released in two colorways, the Arboreal Purple and the Arboreal Teal. Though both were beautiful creations, I decided on the Arboreal Teal.

The silhouette of the Arboreal is definitely reminiscent of an old school running shoe. The quality of nubuck and leather is top notch. From the toe box, the color blocking, and the mixture of different materials, this shoe is well executed. The colorway still allows you to wear this sneaker with any thing you want.

Upon receiving the sneaker, I did my usual inspection looking at the quality of craftsmanship. Once I looked over the Arboreal a few times, I did not see the defects that you would find in some other brands. Stitching is very clean and there are no glue marks present between the mid-sole and upper. One of my favorite parts of the shoe is the leather insole, it is one of the least seen section of the shoe, but I appreciate when brands pay attention to every little detail.

I am excited to see what else the Kuwallatee family will be coming out with in their footwear line as this first silhouette is straight up amazingness. You can say that I am definitely a fan of their luxurious, street wear, sneaker silhouette. Make sure you guys check them out and show some love. (www.kuwallatee.com)


  • I am also a bit of a sneaker head myself. I recently pick up both color ways and the attention to detail is next level. I also really appreciated the leather insole and the extra laces was a really nice touch. Kuwalla is all about layering, customization and individuality. Love the versatility!

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    • I agree man. Shoes were ON POINT. Huge fan of the brand and huge fan of how they present themselves as well. I am always down to support local people. Thanks for taking the time to check out the article!


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