#RuinTheGame – Under Armour Curry 6 Launch

The Canada Got Sole Team was recently invited to experience the launch of the new Under Armour Curry 6. The event itself was hosted by Under Armour and Foot Locker Canada.

After we got suited and laced up our Curry 6’s, we had an opportunity to hear from the designer of the Curry 6, Leon Gou. He explained that a lot of research went into creating the Curry 6. Leon said that Steph essentially runs the distance of 2.3 miles per game. So they essentially needed to make a running shoe that had the right support and grip to be usable on court.

He also pointed out some cool details on the Curry 6. If you take a look at the outsole, you can find the names of his wife and first two children. The pattern on the arch plate, on the lateral side of the shoe has the same pattern as the roof of the Oracle Arena. They wanted this on the shoe because the Oracle Arena is where Steph spent the first 9 years of his career.

Even the colourway itself has a story. It was created in honour of the Fox Theatre. This is a landmark in Oakland that reopened the same year that Steph was drafted into the NBA. A big reason for me liking the Curry 6 even more were the stories and meanings attached to specific features of the shoe.

They also mentioned some cool upgrades to the shoe from previous models, such as the full Hovr Cushioning system. This tech allows for energy absorption and return. The outsole pattern was created to withstand Steph’s consistent cutting, change of direction and speed.

After the short and informative session, we had the opportunity to be trained by Brandon Payne, who is Steph Curry’s personal trainer. Brandon took us through some of the drills that Steph does on a day to day basis, as a warm up. After going through some of the warm up drills, my appreciation for what Steph does on the court definitely grew. I mean, I thought I had decent handles until I started doing these drills.

Following the warm up drills, our very own Lawrence Hopkins, tried out Stephen Curry’s favourite shooting game that he plays after every single practice called, “21”. Here’s how the game goes; you have 90 seconds to score 21 points. There is a sequence of shots you need to take in a cycle. The first shot in each cycle is from the 3 Point line, worth 3 points. Second shot is from the elbow, worth 2 points. The last is a lay up, only worth 1 point. After the lay up you start up the cycle again, but you need to switch sides, if you started on the right you move to the left. You do this until you reach 21 points or your time runs out. Brandon told us that Steph is able to finish this game within 48 seconds. Let us know if you try this out and if you can hit 21 points within the 90 seconds.

In my personal opinion, the Curry 6 is definitely a basketball shoe worth purchasing. In terms of fit, my feet are wide at the forefoot and I am flat footed; but these fit well. I would say that they fit similar to the Curry 5, but the arch is not as high which is great for anyone flat footed.

The ankle lockdown is well executed, there was not a time during the event where I felt that my ankle was not supported. The outsole design and technology definitely hugs the court and allows for an easy transition in speed and change in direction. Mind you, I am not the fastest on or off the court. In terms of the Hovr cushion system, I definitely felt the difference.

My rating for the Curry 6 “Fox Theatre” is a “Scooptie Mutha F&*÷=×# Woop”. If you don’t do it for the story behind the designs and colourway, do it for the performance and improvement of your shot. (Disclaimer: This shoe does not actually improve your shot, you do that with practice.)

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