Origin Story 1; a Storyview

Let me start off my “Storyview” with letting you know that I love this shoe. So if you clicked in to see my overall assessment of it, there you have it! In True to Size speak, it’s absolutely a “Whooptie woop!” Though it wasn’t that way at first, when they were rumoured as “Crystal 1s”. Now if you’d like to read my thoughts further, as I break down the colourway, you’re more than welcome to stay. I appreciate it. 

As most of you know, before I fell deeply in love with sneakers, my life revolved solely around comic books and superheroes (since high school—where these photos were shot). With that said, you already know how much this pair means to me. It almost seems as though my superhero and sneaker worlds have come full circle. In 2008, when I first got into sneakers, the shoe that did it for me were the Spider-Man, Nike SB Dunk Mids. The only problem with that shoe was that it wasn’t an official collaboration. The colourway was “inspired” and nicknamed as such. Marvel Comics has collaborated with other brands within the 10 years of my sneaker life, but never officially with Nike. They did use Silver Surfer’s face in the 2004 Silver Surfer pack (still need those Dunk lows); but again, not official from my understanding. As a comic book nerd, quite the bummer. So for this to officially happen now is a dream come true.

When this colourway was originally rumoured to drop, I wished and prayed that it was going to be an official collaboration. Because, by that time, I’d already seen the Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse movie trailer about 1,000 times. The main character of the movie, Miles Morales, is seen rocking the Chicago 1s in it. When I first saw this trailer, my jaw dropped and I knew this collab—whatever shoe it was—needed to happen. Whether it was a straight retro of the Chicago 1 or a new take; this shoe needed to be made. Images of this shoe surfaced and people were calling this pair the “Crystal 1s” and they had nothing to do with the movie. I couldn’t be bothered with this release. I think I even called “poop” at one point. It lined up with the movie’s release date, but it didn’t make sense to me. I was upset and disappointed that these weren’t going to fulfill my needs. In my nerdy head, it had to be an official partnership between both brands. That’s the only way I would’ve been down for them. But oh my Thor, Jordan Brand and Sony/Marvel made it happen. They even came out with a special, branded box for friends and family of the movie’s cast and crew. Which I am patiently hunting for, by the way. One day. 

Now let’s get on to breaking down the shoe’s appearance. Which by the way, didn’t make sense to me as a “Crystal 1”, but makes all the sense to me now as an “Origin Story 1”. The details, storytelling, and nods to the Spider-Verse movie are incredible. I’ll start off with the detail people notice first, the 3M circles (or dots) that cover the upper’s red panels. These dots symbolize a printing process called halftones. You’d see these dotted patterns in much older comic books where, at the time, printing was much more affordable using only four colours. This halftone pattern is all over the Spider-Verse movie; scattered across all its visuals in movie and promotion. Aside from being the first ever official collab between two of my favourite brands, part of the reason why I love this shoe is because of the subtle nods it pays to the movie.

Some smaller details are the red aglets on the black laces (blue aglets on the extra, red laces), red and blue tongue tags; and matching insoles to pay homage to Spider-Man’s classic colours. Probably the most understated details of the shoe, are the glossy finishes of the Wings logo and Swoosh outline. These hits of shine resemble the webs on both Spider-Men’s suits in the movie, as well as the shine from the eyes on their masks. As for the choice to make the outsole clear? I like to think that the designer did enough research to know that Miles Morales has the ability to become invisible. If so, well done Jordan Brand designer. I applaud you!

If you couldn’t tell yet, I’m obsessed with these shoes. I’m really hoping that this isn’t the last of the partnership between Marvel and Jumpman. At the same time, I’m really glad that my favourite superhero, Spidey, was the first. I cannot wait to get them on foot and I cannot wait to see the movie again and again. Greatest Spider-Man movie of all time. But that’s another review to be written and spoken of elsewhere.  

Real quick, just a big big thank you to everyone who reached out to help me secure a pair. It was a lot of you and I am truly thankful. I’m actually getting emotional thinking about it. I needed these shoes in my life and now I have ’em. Now… to get that special box.


  • Great stuff! Love the subtle details, your point about Miles’ invisibility makes so much sense!


    • Right?! I’ll just give benefit of the doubt to the designer. Let’s pretend they DID do the research. Hahaha.


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