Guest Review: Acronym Presto, Racer Pink

Guest written by: Ryan Laguatan

Back in 2016, Nike collaborated with German based brand Acronym and released three unique renditions of the Presto model. Fast forward to September 20, 2018; Nike and Acronym are back with three totally awesome colourways.

For a little bit of background info, Acronym is a clothing brand (an extremely expensive one) that focuses on the techwear aesthetic. Meaning their design language is very “modern ninja”, utilitarian-esque; encompassing a whole bunch of straps, zippers and crazy pockets within their pieces of clothing. With regards to this collaboration, you can see Acronym’s influence on the shoe. I believe that out of all the Nike models, the Presto totally fits Acronym’s design philosophy.


I don’t know where to start with this review. The shoes are wild and not for everyone, but you cannot deny the crazy amount of detail that was put into this collaboration. The zippers on the ankle collar add that techwear vibe, while also adding practicality. It makes the shoe easier to put on compared to the regular Presto Mid models. The white and black arrow detailing on the cage contrasted with the racer pink and photo blue will definitely break necks on the street.


Like any other Presto, these shoes are comfy. The mesh upper fits snug around your feet and the ankle support is great. One detail that caught me by surprise was the faux leather insole in the shoe. Out of the box it felt a little stiff, but with some breaking in, I feel like it will mold to my foot very well. The shoes only come in whole sizes, so if you fall in between two sizes I would suggest going on the higher side as the shoe is fairly snug around the midfoot area.


As amazingly cool and innovative Acronym is, I do not think I will be able to purchase anything from their main line (THEIR J66-GT JACKET RUNS FOR 1,596 EURO RETAIL). Having collaborations like these are greatly appreciated because it gives the average consumer a chance to be a part of representing the brand. Needless to say, I was extremely excited for this drop. Once I scored my pair (shout out to HAVEN Toronto for having a bunch of pairs), I instantly fell in love with the colours, details and overall look of the shoe.


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