Under Armour Hovr Havoc Review

We were recently invited by the Under Armour team to partake in the NEXT Basketball Combine. This event was held to showcase and measure the abilities of the U-15 Canadian Basketball talent. There were various drills to measure reaction time, vertical and speed.

The media that was invited to cover the event was put through the same drills that the U15 players were put through. Even though we may not have put up the same numbers as the kids, we still held our own.

Each of us were outfitted in an Under Armour Basketball kit. The sneakers we were given to test out were the Under Armour Hovr Havoc. The shoe itself is simple and visually appealing. The black and white breathable mesh on the upper gives it a nice little touch of texture.

While putting on the Hovr Havoc I found that it is a wider fitting shoe. As a wide foot individual, this is great. I usually need to loosen the laces all the way, or need to wear in the sneaker before it can conform to my foot. From the first step you immediately feel the Hovr cushioning.

During the speed drills I definitely felt the ankle support along with the Hovr cushioning. With each stride I felt the absorption of the impact. When we did the vertical test, after my “20inch” standing vertical jump, I definitely felt the Hovr cushioning in action. I want to see how well the Hovr cushiong does after a few pick up games.

Overall the Hovr Havoc is a great basketball shoe, definitely worth the investment. Plus it is available now for $140 CAD, you can also customize your own pair for $190 CAD. The only thing I would say is that if you do go for the Hovr Havoc Mid, make sure you wear a crew sock. I found that my calves were a bit irritated after the drills we did. Other than that these will be in my duffle bag for my basketball runs.

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