Just Kickin’ It.

We recently had the opportunity to attend one of the many dope sneaker events this summer. It was organized by one of our brothers, Christian aka @FlippinLaces.

The name he bestowed upon the event was “Just Kickin’ It” and the event was literally just that. It brought together the sneakerheads within the community who had a true passion for it. Young, old, or new, it was a good place to come through and just kick it.

There was literally something for everyone. DJ Thomas Wade West was supplying the dope tunes, Habib Siam provided some comic relief, and there were some dance performances that included @FernGully and her Krump crew. He also had the infamous OG Toronto graffiti artist SKAM come through to create a mural, live. If you got there and needed a fresh fade, Anthony De Leon was there to hook you up.

Of course there was good assortment of sneaker displays from @EastEndHeat, @JSteaze, @NetMagnetism, @InKixWeTrust and others.

The vibe of the event was perfect, everyone who attended brought positive vibes and it felt like a big family picnic. We were able to see some familiar faces, meet some IG family for the first time and be reunited with others. This was a good representation of what the sneaker community should be about. If you didn’t attend this year, here is to hoping you can come through next year.

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