It’s been a while.

So I dropped a bunch of nickels on a pair of 2005 Atmos “Viotech” Air Max 1’s a couple years back, only to be able to rock them a handful of times due to the deteriorating midsoles and sinking air bubbles. Damn.


When I finally accepted the fact that they’d never touch the asphalt again, I threw them into a Shueboxx alongside the OG Atmos Animals Air Max 1’s for display purposes at our events!


Then some time passed…  A whole lot of time.

And then one day I came across Jan ‘@kanotsky‘ on Instagram. Just like my fellow brothers of Canada Got Sole – I’m a sucker for the attention to detail, and as a restorer/customizer in the sneaker world you’ve got to be on that same level of detail that the shoe was made with… probably even BETTER!

I studied Jan’s work, crept his page, watched his many “pressure test” vids and scoped the sole swap work.  I found my guy. I hit him up and when he found out what shoe I was going to hand off to him he was ecstatic!  Like myself the Viotechs are his grails.

He used the Dynamic Berry Air Max 1 midsole/air unit as a donor sole since the air unit was a close match to the purple of the Atmos’ Swoosh. Peep the before and after pics in all it’s glory and stay tuned for on-foot shots of these!!

Jan @kanotsky is worth checking out for all your sneaker restoration/swaps!

Tell ’em Doon sent ya.


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