Shoe Surgeon x Adidas x Foot Action Toronto

We were recently invited to an Adidas x Foot Action event in Toronto. When we saw the invite the first thing that caught our eye was that the Shoe Surgeon was going to be hosting a workshop. For those of you who do not know who Shoe Surgeon is, he is a Sneaker Customizer from Los Angeles. He does customs like cross branded upper and midsole swaps. He also puts high quality material on pre existing silhouettes, such as the infamous Jordan 1.

The concept of the event was to bring in some influencers, local celebs, and sneakerheads to give them the opportunity to customize a pair of Stan Smith sneakers. All under the guidance of the Shoe Surgeon and his team.

They gave customization options like high quality leather laces, replacement tongues with the Shoe Surgeon Logo, and some stencils that you could use to get some designs on the shoe. They also had replacement eyelets with an assortment of colors to satisfy anyone’s customization needs.

The event also opened up the Capsule 416 area of the store to showcase some of Shoe Surgeon‘s recent work. One of the notable ones were the Yeezy 270s, which are a combination of the Yeezy 350s and Nike Air Max 270. The Capsule also had some of his personal Merch which included a Toronto exclusive t-shirt.

Being able to experience the atmosphere and excitement of being able to customize a shoe, Shoe Surgeon style, was amazing. The creativity that was displayed was great to see first hand. The different styles and taste in fashion could be seen in everyone’s custom. Before starting the workshop Shoe Surgeon had given a short speech. One thing that stuck with me was how passionate he was about sharing his craft and making the sneaker community stronger. In Shoe Surgeon‘s own words “The Worst Thing You Can Do, Is Do NOTHING.”

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