Parra x Nike Air Max 1

Piet Parra is a Dutch artist with a beautifully distinguishable style. When you Google “Parra” and hit the Images tab, your screen is flooded with his signature colour palette of reds, blues and pinks, often outlined with a clean stroke of black. It’s obvious as to why Nike would reach out to him to help reimagine their signatures.

This isn’t the first time Nike’s collaborated with Parra. It has been about 13 years since the two first came together. Every piece that Nike and Parra created has—in my opinion—been a masterpiece and all deserve the status of legendary. Piet Parra is most notably known for his work on the Air Max 1 silhouette. Each pair he’s designed has an amazing selection of materials and live up to the high standards we all expect from a collaboration. This release for 2018 is no exception.

Every panel of faux-suede is soft to the touch. It’s pretty damn sweet that original Air Max 1 materials were used throughout this pair. From previously mentioned suedes to the mesh toebox, to the nylon tongue and heel liner. The shoes are graced with a vibrant, yet well balanced mis-match of stripes and polkadots. There are stripes that hug the aglets, as well as under the tongue. Unseen to most, but such a nice touch.

Another detail you don’t see unless you go looking into someone’s pair is the insole; covered in Parra’s signature art style and overall theme of this collaboration. Now, of course one of my favourite parts of this collab is not even on the shoe, but what you keep the shoes in. I’m a sucker for slipcases and that’s exactly what the shoebox is. Beautiful I tell ya! Packaging gets me way too excited.

If you look at Parra’s collaboration collection with Nike, you’ll notice that all the outsoles of the Air Max 1s share a similar four colour blocking. Being a graphic designer, I love the fact that Parra has kept it consistent by sort of branding his outsoles with that specific look. The smallest details that complete the shoes for me are the mini Swoosh on the lateral side of the left shoe, and the “Parra” logo on the lateral side of the right shoe. it looks just right.

It’s been less than 24 hours since receiving the pair from Nike Toronto, and I legitimately cannot wait to rock ’em. I will most definitely be wearing them the day this article is published, which is the day after getting them in hand. I can confidently say that these will be a contender for Shoe of The Year, for me. Now, to get the matching jacket.

Biggest of thank yous to Nike Toronto for sending LDoggy and I each a pair of these instant classics.

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