Adidas “Pride” I-5923

If you know me, you know very well that I look forward to Pride Month collections every year. Some of my close friends are in the LGBTQ community and I support them, and their love, whole heartedly. I believe in the fight that they and millions of others have to fight for every day of their lives. I absolutely love that brands like Adidas, Nike, Converse and Under Armour are creating collections to represent their love.

Adidas Pride I-5923

This year, the pack that stood out to me was Adidas’ collection. I always look forward to seeing vibrant and very colourful pieces. But the Pride collection from the Three Stripes company proved to me that there’s something to be said about subtlety. If you couldn’t tell by the title of this article, the pair I needed and did pick up from the pack were the I-5923s. Adidas made sure that every colour of the rainbow was represented but in such a low key, yet purposeful way.

Adidas Pride I-5923

The hits of pastel colours are so quiet but stand out just enough atop the upper’s cream nylon. The coloured panels are all made of a very soft suede. The heel lining is a soft, easy to slide in leather.

Adidas Pride I-5923

The best parts of these I-5923s are details that aren’t seen on the outer. The tongue tags and insoles have meaningful words printed on a buttery, comfortable leather; reminding the wearer what these shoes represent. Rainbow Trefoils and “love unites” complete this pair beautifully.

Adidas Pride I-5923

Needless to say, the Boost under the foot is very comfortable to walk in. I couldn’t wait to UNDS these, as they’re my first pair of Boost ever. I really love Adidas’ entries for Pride month this year. There’s another silhouette I’ve yet to pick up from the pack and I cannot wait to add those to the rotation as well.

Adidas Pride I-5923

Thanks to big brother, Alvin Martinez (@misterQmart) for shooting this set of photos.

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