To coincide with Top Dawg Entertainment’s ‘Championship Tour ‘, the production company has partnered with Nike on a limited edition capsule collection that is being released in select cities along the tour. Toronto’s pop-up is taking place from June 11th to 12th at the Livestock location on Spadina. We were lucky enough to receive access (thank you Livestock) and got an early look, as well as first crack at the merch!

photo via Sean Go

First things first, when you arrive, prepare to wait in a long line. If you’re from Toronto you know that everyone in this city loves lining up for anything, so the wait time looks to be two hours at least (yes, even though it’s a weekday). Security is out in full force to ensure no one is cutting in line, and the Livestock staff is extremely efficient, so it’s not a horrible wait; at least it’s nice outside, right?

photo via Sean Go

When you get near the front of the line you are presented with a ‘menu’ that shows you what products are available, in what sizes, and what colours. The highlights of the product line are easily the red DAMN hoodie, the TDE soccer-style long sleeves, and of course, the KungFu Kenny Cortez (we recommend sizing up in the clothing). While it may seem hopeless to wait in the massive line, don’t worry, because it seems like stock is plentiful and everyone will have a chance to get what they want. For reference, CNCPTS did not sell out of all of their stock after the two day event at their store.



Once you’re inside the store you’ll see that the entire interior has been reworked for this installation. Keeping with the sports theme, there is a locker room-style set up with folding chairs featuring the names of the entire TDE roster. The process inside the store is very smooth, and the Livestock staff seems extremely organized and equipped for this type of event. I don’t think the installation will be kept up once the pop-up ends, so if you want the whole experience I’d definitely recommend getting down there to take it all in.


Of course, we are Canada Got Sole, and we’d be remise if we didn’t give you a closer look at the ‘Cortez Kenny III’. This is the third instalment of Kendrick Lamar’s reimagined line of Nike’s classic Cortez silhouette, and so far the dude has not missed. This pair is hit with a black nylon upper complimented by suede patches along the toe and heel. The stand out feature of these is quite clearly the red strap that runs the entire length of the laces and reads “BET IT BACK”.

As I’ve mentioned thousands of times before, I am a sucker when it comes to small details, and these fit the bill for me in so many ways. First off, hiding under the strap, along the tongue, you can see that instead of NIKE, these have DAMN above the swoosh. Another crazy detail that you’ll find printed on the leather sock-liner is a message from Kendrick that reads “NIKE CORTEZ – Preferably wear with high socks and shorts” – which is all kinds of sick. To top all that off, each pair actually comes with a pair of high Nike socks wrapped in DAMN branded packaging. I’ve never wanted some plain, white Nike socks this bad in my life. All of this awesomeness is encased in a very clean, white, pullout Nike shoebox with even more DAMN branding on the top. The only thing I love more than details on a shoe is special packaging, so I’m very content right now.

photo via Sean Go

Your purchase is packed in a plastic shopping bag with ‘BET IT BACK’ written in giant red lettering, which really is the icing on the cake. Thank you to the Livestock and Nike family for giving us a glimpse at this super dope pop-up experience, and make sure you make your way down to the shop before it’s too late!

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