Atmos’ “We Love Nike” Air Max 90s

Regardless of what brand you’re loyal to, stacks of boxes are something we can all appreciate. Now, to have those stacks printed along the upper of a shoe; that’s just really dope. Released on the 26th of May—just two months after Air Max Day—Nike collaborated with Atmos yet again on a pack of three Air Max silhouettes. The “We Love Nike” pack consists of an Air Max 1, an Air Max 90 and lastly an Air Max 95.

A few days ago, the amazing folks at Nike Toronto sent a box my way and inside was none other than the 90s of the pack (obviously). Needless to say, I was amped. The pack caught my eye when I saw the first set of “leaked” photos earlier this year.

My favourite detail of this pair is the shoebox stack print that adorns certain panels of the upper, as well as the insole. The best part of the print is that the boxes are a set of Nike’s older, OG boxes. Not quite sure what material the art is printed on, but the execution and quality is on point where the stacks reside.

With that said, being a collaboration (especially an Atmos one), I’m a bit disappointed in the black suede panels. Not as buttery smooth as I’d hope it to be. Though, the black does help the infrared and red tones along the print to leap off the shoe. The black snakeskin Swooshes on either side of the shoe are a real nice touch as well.

On foot, they are very sharp and I couldn’t wait to UNDS them. Biggest of thank yous to Nike Toronto again for sending my big brother and I a pair of these joints.

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