Tales From The Copp: Sneaker Karma

You may have heard some of this story on our Pod, but here is a bit more detail and some visuals. Ever since the Air Max 97 Country Camo Pack started hitting all the sneaker sites, with sneak peaks and release date news mid 2017; I was in love! There was just something about the colour blocking and the silhouette, it was a beautiful matrimony.

December rolls around and the only one that came to Toronto was the USA Tiger Camo. This was a blessing in disguise as this specific one was not really one on my list, and December really isn’t a time for me to be buying myself sneakers. So I essentially put the thought of getting a pair of the Country Camo Pack out of my head.

Fast forward a month later, I get a text from one of the sneaker fam, Ryan (aka @Nooodlezzz). Here is how it started:

The rest of the convo is me letting him know I would try to find him a buyer and if I was unsuccessful, I would purchase. He then explained that he could just hold them for me if I wanted, because he is a “realer manz”. Also did I mention he was going to sell them to me at the exact price he got them for?

Time Travel to the end of February, a week before my birthday. I recently sold a few pairs of kicks and had enough funds to make the purchase. I send the text to the homie Ryan. HE STILL HAS THEM! My excitement is unreal! We set up a meet and I purchase the shoes. During this meet up Ryan says he is going to use the money to look for a pair in his size.

Within that same week I was casually browsing on Kijiji and I come across a size 10, UK Country Camo Air Max 97. I quickly send him the link…

Moral of the story is, Sneaker Karma is a real thing. Be good to the sneaker community and the good will return to you. Happy Hunting!

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