Last month Justin Timberlake’s collaboration with Jordan Brand made it’s debut during the half-time show of Super Bowl 52. Unfortunately, I missed the release on the Nike SNKRS app, and was forced to turn to the secondary market in order to acquire a pair. After watching listings religiously for a few days on a variety of resale marketplaces, my offer was accepted on the GOAT app. I had never purchased from GOAT before, and I received a bunch of inquiries into my experience, so here is my take on the entire process.


First and foremost, the app itself is very user-friendly; it is very easy to navigate and finding what you need and making offers is very seamless. One thing to keep in mind is that all prices are in USD, so expect to see a higher number charged to your account than the one you see on your purchase invoice.

When my offer was accepted, I received a notification from GOAT that the seller would be allowed two business days to confirm the sale, and send the sneakers to the GOAT office for authentication. GOAT offers free product authentication, at no expense to the buyer, which is nearly essential in an age where fakes are getting better and better. As your package makes its way along its journey – from the seller, to GOAT, through authentication, and then to your house – you can follow the progress through the app. This is super reassuring because at no point do you ever need to wonder, “where the hell is my sh*t?”


I chose to have my purchase shipped to a PO box service that I use in Buffalo, NY (if you’re interested, check them out here). I decided to go this route because 1) it saves you a little money on the shipping costs (I only paid $10.00 USD for shipping), 2) I was hoping to sneak through the border without having to pay duties on my expensive purchase. I have heard numerous horror stories about people having to pay hundreds of dollars on purchases from StockX and GOAT, and I just wanted to save any money that I could, considering how much I had already spent on the shoes.


… That didn’t go over so well. I was stopped at the border and had to pay $200.00 in duties, and because I lied to them about the value of the goods I was ‘importing’, they said that next time I could have all of my stuff (including my car) seized. All-in-all, adding together the cost of gas, the three-hour trip, plus the trauma of being searched by Canadian Border Service officials, it would have probably cost the same to have the shoes shipped directly to my address.


The entire process took about 8 business days; from the time my offer was accepted until the day the package arrived at my PO box. My experience with GOAT, overall, was extremely positive. I contacted customer service a couple of times with some inquiries, and their response time was very quick. I loved the progress tracker that appears on the app once you’ve made your purchase, and its amazing that the shoes are authenticated free of charge. My only beef is the cost of duties, which sucked, but is also not GOAT’s fault. I have heard that it’s relatively easy to “self declare” a package, which saves you the brokerage fees from the shipping company, so I will probably give that a shot the next time I make a purchase from one of these sites.

If anyone has any questions about the process, or even any tips for the future, hit the Canada Got Sole DM on Instagram!



  • My son recently purchased a pair of shoes from this American based company.He paid 100$ American PLUS 30$ shipping.They are being held up by the shipping company as they want an additional 80$!!!Does that make sense to any normal human being?My advice…this company is scamming the young ones!They DO NOT offer full disclosure.Duty on an item going from the States to Cananda should be nil with the new free trade that Trump introduced but 20$ MAX based on the cost of the item.There is no number to call to speak to someone at GOAT.No return policy.As I said to my 16 year old…buyer beware…this company is a SCAM


    • Hey there. While that is a very unfortunate situation, the duty and government taxes are a result of the CBSA and the shipping company (UPS). GOAT does mention that international buyers are responsible for border fees. This fee is something you should try and dispute with UPS, If you are unhappy with it. Hopefully this helps.


  • Just wondering how much your total for your purchase before all the taxes and shipping fees? I’m thinking of making a purchase and the shoes I want are going for 145 right now, so I’m hoping maybe they won’t be declared for customs, but if your purchase was a similar amount then I guess I would have to worry about all that


    • You’re likely to be somewhere between $30-$40 CAD in customs fees – that would be my guess


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