Nike x Atmos Air Max 1, Animal Pack 2.0

If there was a sneaker dating service, my interests would go something like this: I like long walks with new shoes, acquiring new kicks, and losing every single raffle I enter. That last statement held true for me, up until yesterday. On my way home from Sole Exchange Canada’s event in Mississauga (recapped on True to Size, episode 2), I received an email from a boutique called Haven. The preview of the email popped up on my iPhone’s lock screen and the subject line read “Congratulations Allan Martinez […].” I screamed, scared my big bro –who was driving– and proceeded to read the email. I WON!

When I first learned about the coveted OG Animal Pack that released 10 years ago, I literally thought “Damn, those are so wild.” Pun entirely intended. I thought that I wouldn’t be able to rock a pair of kicks with a combination of animal prints. Contrary to that, I also always thought the Animal Pack was absolutely gorgeous.

If I was tasked with combining pony, tiger, leopard and zebra prints on a pair of shoes, I would struggle, horribly. But Atmos’ Koji does it so flawlessly. The synthetic hairs are soft, and so nice to the touch. My favourite pieces of this silhouette are the branding details. The red Swoosh, and the green “Nike Air” branding on the heel tab; they pop so much. The insoles remain as OG as ever with Nike’s signature “Limited Edition” LE logo.

And just when you thought things couldn’t get any wilder on this pair, in the shoebox is three more sets of laces. These Air Max 1s come with black laces out the box, alongside red, green and white; each with their own lace bag. As I’m writing this review I am currently leaning towards the green laces.

This already-classic pair is something I’m very proud of having in my collection. If I don’t lose my patience and UNDS them before the 26th of March, you can bet that I’ll be busting these out on this year’s Air Max Day.

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