It’s been five years since we started this adventure in 2013. The support we’ve received throughout the years has been nothing but strong. Our followers have pushed us to keep creating content that we’re passionate about.

Year to year our following and our content has grown. The best part? There’s no slowing down, let alone stopping. A year ago we launched this website, our blog. This blog has been a great platform for us to express our voices and thoughts towards the the things we love the most: sneakers.


The Canada Got Sole team will be exploring a new way to project our voices. As well as reading, we hope that you’ll be down to listen to our thoughts. This Saturday, the very first episode of our weekly podcast, True to Size, will be up. At first, you’ll be able to catch our podcast on PodBean and YouTube (audio only). Soon after the Podcast will be up on Google Play and iTunes Podcasts!

True to Size is a Podcast about sneakers, its industry, and the community that surrounds it. From time to time, you may hear a special voice or two to accompany the team.

Again, thank you all for the amazing support and for riding along with us on this journey. We hope you all enjoy what we’ve got planned next and we promise there’s much more to come.

Allan "Spoonr" Martinez

A Super Duper geek, Twitch Affiliate and Graphic Designer. Video games, superheroes, Disney and collecting. A Kinda Funny Best Friend! — He/Him

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