Black Cement, Air Jordan 3

I was a starry-eyed kid, growing up watching the second half of Michael Jordan’s NBA career. I was mesmerized with the legacy he left on-court, but barely ever paid attention to the history he was creating on-feet. To tell you the truth, when I first got into sneakers, the Nike SB Dunk had me tunnel-visioned and I didn’t care much for anything else. My big brother Alvin, MisterQmart, was the only thing keeping me in touch with Js.

Eventually, years would go by, history would be learned, and my appreciation for the man and his brand would grow. Especially looking at the rest of the team’s collections filled with Jordans. When the Black Cement 3s last dropped in 2011, I was still concentrated on picking up all the superhero inspired SB Dunks, but my love for them grew every year that I didn’t have a pair.

When rumours dropped two years ago that the BC3s were going to be retro’d soon, I knew I had to have a pair. At least one. Info updated, and the pair became confirmed for a 2018 release. I was pulling no stops; I had to have them. Especially when Lawrence, LDoggyStyles, decided to wear his pair everyday for exactly one month before the release date. But that’s a story for him to share.

A friend offered to help secure a pair for me; I still entered raffles and woke up at 2:48am on release day to try picking them up on As this review/story would suggest, I got ’em and I am in love. When CanadaGotSole’s Joel, Jo_Doooney, came into the room with my pair, I almost forgot to say “hi” and “thank you so much!” The leather is so nice to the touch, the details are so crisp, and they are unbelievably timeless on feet. The quality is incredible and the OG “Nike Air” detailing is just the cherry on top.

Needless to say, I cannot wait to UNDS my pair and I will be doubling up in the very near future.


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