Introducing cgs.Talk: Forum and marketplace

Remember the days when the only reliable news outlet for sneaker release dates and information came from strangers on NIKETALK? Remember when the best place to search for grails was through the Sole Collector Marketplace? Well, this is our attempt to bring that sh*t back. This is CGS.TALK.


CGS.TALK is a Canada Got Sole-run Facebook group that is focused on news and culture and basically anything surrounding the sneaker world. Our primary goal is to reintroduce the community aspect of sneaker collecting; obtain information from fellow heads, sharing intel, giving the inside scoop – that kind of deal. This will also allow us another means of interaction with our supporters, one that isn’t limited to an Instagram comment section.

For the most part, the sneaker-related Facebook groups that I am apart of are just a bunch of jerks reselling hype releases, and that stuff gets really dull after a while. Of course, we will not discourage selling in the group, but we will provide extremely strict guidelines as to what selling practices are permitted, what can be sold, and how it can be sold.

Ultimately, we are striving to provide Canadians with a safe, fun, and classic means of obtaining/sharing information, buying/selling, and just having a good time with like-minded individuals. We’re aware that this whole thing is not revolutionary in any way, but we believe that, if done properly, Facebook groups don’t need to be reserved only for those trying to flip a release-day sneaker for a quick buck. This is our stab at bringing back that old-school forum vibe, so click HERE to join, and lets kill this sh*t.


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