Before I dive in to this, I just want to make one thing clear: this is not an official Champion collaboration. This is Canada Got Sole attempting to elevate our brand with a higher quality product line that we can be proud of and confidently stand behind.


We are now entering our fifth year, and in that time we have had our fair share of brand merch; from makeshift sneaker hangtags to our new NewEra (real collab) fitteds and snapbacks. Along the way, we fell in to the trap of producing low quality products with quick turn around, mostly because we thought it was absolutely insane that people wanted to rep us. We put a stop to the merchandise production for over a year, but we were then contacted by NewEra, asking if we’d be interested in pushing out some Canada Got Sole branded hats; and with that, we were back. For me, and for us, that was a pivotal point in our brand identity. We couldn’t go back to screen printing on Gildan tees and expect it to resonate in the same way that our New Era hats did. So we set out to follow-up the caps with something dope, something new, and something we’d be proud to call our own. That’s where these crewnecks come in.

We did everything in our power to stray away from our old ways. The Soleaf is embroidered with 10,000 hits of fire-red thread; placed right smack in the centre of your chest. This placement was meant to allow the wearer to layer the crewneck under a coaches jacket or winter coat, but still allow the logo to be visible. The crews themselves are Champion-branded fleece, complete with Champion’s signature logo on the left arm cuff.

I’m so proud to introduce this piece because to me it represents the hard work that has gone in to a complete overhaul of our brand and our vision over the last year. Our aspirations are larger than life, but it’s small steps like these that are going to elevate us to where we want to be. Take a look at the detailed images below, and as always, thank you for the love.

Expect these to drop next week, on, for $55.00 CAD + shipping.






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