Last week, we received a giant care package from our friends over at Foot Locker Canada. Inside the enormous box was a beautifully packaged collaborative offering from Timberland and Tipsy Elves. Tipsy Elves is a clothing company that self-describes as “the world’s most outrageous clothing company”; which after opening our package, we believe to be 100% accurate.


The first thing you’ll see when you pop the lid off the box is a Tipsy Elves ‘ugly Christmas sweater’ featuring none other than Jolly Ol’ Saint Nicholas riding a unicorn! Tipsy Elves wasn’t lying when they called themselves outrageous.


The box also contains some other goodies that go along with the actual boots, including a set of Christmas-inspired Timberland pins (I do love pins), and a set of extra insoles; one reading “Nice” and one reading “Naughty”.

The boots themselves are a waterproof version of the classic 6inch Premium Timberlands in an all black nubuck. The collar is hit with a black patent leather that gives the boots a little flare while still allowing them to remain relatively low key. The inside is lined with a black fur which also peeks out the top of the collar, adding another layer of low key bougieness. Topped off with gold accents on the eyelets, heel logo, and tongue, this Timberland is simple at heart, but classy and high-end with all it’s details. The quality of materials is top-notch, and along with all the extras that go along with the boots, the higher-than-normal price tag is more than justified.


Thank you once again to Foot Locker Canada for this awesome Christmas care package! You can actually purchase this one-of-a-kind boot, complete with special packaging, HERE, on Foot Locker’s website, and at select Foot Locker locations.



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