OffWhite Nike VaporMax

Even writing that title feels surreal…


Last night, I was lucky enough to be gifted the Nike VaporMax from Nike’s highly anticipated, infinitely hyped, OffWhite “The Ten” collection. My hands were shaking as I opened the lid of the inside out shoe box. The top of the box reads “SWOOSH” in an transparent, glossy, typewrite font, and the box label is also clear.

Inside the box, the shoe wrap is slapped with vintage Nike ads along with a repeating pattern of OffWhite’s logo accompanied by the words, “The Ten”. The only extras that come with this particular pair is the signature red zip-tie that Virgil usually tags on his brand’s apparel, and three extra sets of rope laces (black, orange and lime), all branded with “SHOELACE”, near the aglets.


The quality of materials and little details on these, and the rest of the collection, are absolutely nuts. The insoles are both brandished with OffWhite’s signature logo, and the swoosh is tagged with another Virgil staple, a bright orange tab. The regular Flyknit tongue that is usually found on a regular pair of VaporMaxes is replaces with a Nike Blazer tongue, stuffed with foam and uncut around the edges. Because the tongue isn’t as flexible and forgiving as Flyknit, these do fit slightly tighter than a regular pair.


The oversized Swoosh is adhered onto the upper with a jersey-like stitch that is extremely noticeable, but makes the Swoosh pop even more. Along with Virgil’s theme, “AIR” is slapped on the heel of both shoes, along with a manufacture-type stamp on the medial side of each sneaker.


Overall, the sneaker is incredibly breathtaking. Nike really gave Virgil the freedom to bring his visions to life, and his ideas took shape beautifully. It isn’t often that Nike allows someone the ability to take some of their most storied, and untouchable silhouettes, and gives them the green light to completely tear them apart and reconstruct them. Shout outs to Virgil for a wicked collection, and shout outs to the family at Nike Toronto for the early ‘oop on these gangster sneakers.



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