Dunk Diaries: From JSteaze

I was recently asked to elaborate on my love for Dunk, I’ve never done anything like this so bear with me…

Many things have drawn me to this particular shoe over the years, the bright, vibrant colour ways, the materials, the rarity, the stories behind them and the overall versatility; just to name a few.

I remember going to SVP Sports in Pickering back in the day on a regular basis and buying every pair I could get my hands on; lows, highs, black, white, suede or patent leather.

2002 Nike Dunk High “White Dunk” 
Feng Tay Sample

Any material you can think of, it was on a Dunk. That’s just like an Air Force 1, but I always preferred the lower profile of the midsole and a more sleek upper of the Dunk. Because of that, it wasn’t long before the pairs started to pile up. But unfortunately I ended up going back to school which had me in a position where I needed to sell a good portion of the pairs I had attained up until that point.

Once I was done though I was back in full force, this time with a much wider spectrum, but, always managing to sprinkle some dunks in every now and then.

A little while down the road I started getting tired of seeing everyone wearing the same things. Even though I liked everything I was buying it still bothered me that we all had the same stuff. So I started re-buying the pairs I had sold in the past. I loved the thrill of the hunt trying to track down these pairs that were years old by this time and to my amazement they didn’t cost a damn thing. I was replacing these shoes for next to nothing, in comparison to new releases of course and that rekindled the love.

2008 Nike Dunk High “Grammy”  Rumoured to be 1 of 30 Promo Samples

I started to realize I was wearing Jordan’s and other pairs less and less, gravitating towards Dunks on a regular basis. It was frustrating for me that a pair of Jordan’s could cost that much but nothing about them was different from the next guys. I remember seeing line ups outside stores and thinking to myself ” look at all these guys waiting in line to spend $200+ on a pair of poor quality shoes that everyone in that line up is going to have”… It was crazy to me. So, knowing the Jordan’s I had could still fetch a pretty penny I was able to sell off most of the stuff that I wasn’t wearing anymore. For the most part it was stuff I saw people wearing on a regular basis or pairs that didn’t have the greatest quality. I kept pairs that I felt you didn’t see enough, low key pairs with different colour ways that no one really cared about.

1999 Nike Dunk High “Japan City Attack Pack”
1999 Nike Dunk High “Rapid/Storm Pack”

With this “seed money” I started buying Dunks and Dunks and some more Dunks.

As I mentioned earlier, I loved the thrill of trying to track down very hard to find pairs that had awesome background stories and you would never see anyone with. On top of that you could find them for relatively cheap compared to new releases.

I was constantly doing research and making lists, taking notes trying to find cool, rare pairs for the low. I loved the day to day challenge and I would say the style of shoe shopping I created for myself has really paid off.

2001 Nike Dunk Low Pro B “Lightning”

The hunt still continues and has even gone as far now as searching for samples, 1 of 1s, Family and Friends pairs, and even women’s GR releases from the early to mid 2000s. For most people they mean nothing, but I love the idea of having things that are “different.”

Over the years compiling a collection and trying to get a little bit from every era of the Dunk, one pair has stood out for quite a while; the Goldenrod Dunk High. I would definitely say it’s my favourite pair and I have been trying to get as many pairs on ice as possible (size 9-9.5 if anyone reading this has a pair up for grabs!). The black and yellow are just so perfect on the silhouette, which if you ask me has arguably the best ever canvas from a colour blocking standpoint… Just need a retro Nike!

2003 Nike Dunk High “Goldenrod”
1999 Nike Dunk High “Goldenrod”
1999 Nike Dunk High “NYC Goldenrod”

Now that I’ve started I could go on forever about this stuff which is funny because, I stared at a blank page for 26 days contemplating whether or not I should even write this and now I have to cut myself short. Until next time…

Thanks for reading and a huge thanks Canada Got Sole for reaching out to me.

-Jordan (@jsteaze)


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