Bricks and Kicks

Last week, we were lucky enough to be invited to a preview of our good friend, Netmagnetism’s, newest venture. Myself, along with some other members of the Toronto sneaker community, met at a coffee shop in the east end on a sunny Saturday morning. Completely in the dark about what to expect, we all sat at a table wondering what we were in store for. Eventually, Net presented us all with a black, branded box, with “Series 1” written on the side. We popped the lid off the box and were awe-stricken to see bags and bags of Lego bricks, along with a set of instructions.  We were about to build a sneaker out of Lego.


The entire process took us just under two hours (Net told us he did it in an hour and a half … show off). The start was a little tricky, but once you get going the steps become easier and easier. The details on the model are exceptionally detailed for only being made of tiny bricks; my favourite part has got to be the translucent outsole.


This whole experience was awesome for me; being a kid who grew up on Lego and building blocks, I had a blast working on this. This product is something that any heavy-duty sneaker connoisseur needs to add to their collection.


Thank you one more time to Netmagnetism for allowing us to be apart of this big moment.  As stated above, the box reads “Series 1”, so I’m really hoping to see more silhouettes pop-up in the future.

Lawrence - In Hand




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