Nike Toronto’s Site 97

Today we were invited by Nike Toronto to check out their ‘Site 97′ exhibit in Parkdale, to go along with the launch of the brand spankin’ new Air Max 97 Ultra. When we arrived at the address, we were greeted by a garage door branded with a massive “97” decal – and that’s how we knew we were at the right place.


When you enter the space, you are immediately drawn to a huge installation featuring dozens and dozens of the new Air Max model. The space was curated by four designers and artists who were tasked with creating a space that was inspired the Air Max 97 Ultra, but also pays tribute to the history of the original Air Max 97.


The concept that the creators came up with was a conveyer belt-type set up; where on one side, the original 97’s are entering the machine, and on the other, the new 97 Ultra emerges. The display wall which offers for a massive focal point was described as the shelves where a scientist would place his new creations upon completion.


On the walls opposite of the larger display there were two smaller art pieces. These pieces were meant to symbolize the smaller details surrounding the sneakers. Each piece is composed of multiple layers, that can be rearranged and moved – showing the freedom with which an individual can interpret both the art, and the sneakers that the art is representing. Along the ground there is bright orange tape stemming away from each of these creations, and leads to the larger centrepiece. This was meant to show how these smaller details were fuelling or giving life to the larger picture.

The space is both bustling but also very simplistic and minimalistic. The artists from FM Founders did an outstanding job. On our way out we were each gifted with a pair of Air Max 97 Ultras, so look for a full review and some detailed photos soon. And finally, thanks as always to our Nike Toronto family.



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