Sole Curators: Fly Twins

This is a new feature we are starting, in order to help showcase some of the true collectors in our community. This will show individuals who truly have a love and passion for sneaker collecting. Those who buy what they want and rock what they want regardless of hype or what is popular. 

We’ll start it off with the FlyWays Twins, Chris and Jon. These two have been collecting sneakers for about 7 years now and have about 400 pairs of sneakers between the two of them. I first noticed them on Instagram when they started using the #CanadaGotSole hashtag. From Nikes, Asics, New Balances, and Pumas; these guys have it all.

I was able to meet them at a Sole Exchange in Mississauga. The sheer variety on their table was amazing to see and the exclusivity of some of their sneakers were mind blasting!

I asked Chris and Jon if they had any specific buying strategies when it came to purchasing sneakers. Their reply was that, one major thing that helps with the decision making, is whether or not they could actually rock the sneaker. I loved this response because I am a huge believer in “Rock Don’t Stock”.

After looking through some of their collection and seeing the stacks in each of their rooms, I noticed that Chris is a huge Asics fan. He has other brands like Adidas, New Balance and Puma; but his Asics game is strong! Another thing I noted was that all the stacks of Adidas were mostly Stan Smiths. Definitely one of the dopest Stan Smith collections I have seen.

Jon had a mixture of Jordan, Puma, NB, and a nice stack of some Nike SBs. He also had a pretty serious collection of sneaker related reading material. He’s got everything from Sneaker Freaker, Hypebeast to Crepe City. An amazing display of sneaker knowledge that any true sneaker fan would appreciate. 

End of story, these two brothers have a serious passion for the sneaker culture and community. They are not about reselling. They are about the curation of their sneaker collections and attaining pairs they love.  It doesn’t seem like they are going to be stopping any time soon either. Keep an eye on their Instagram account to see the other heat they have and their newest pick ups.

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