Air Jordan IV GS – Linen

11 years ago, Jordan Brand released this beautifully neutral colourway for Women. And on January of 2014, Jumpman began manufacturing their girls’ GS line in extended sizes, going up to 9.5Y (equivalent to a Women’s 11 and Men’s 9.5). For this colourway in particular, I couldn’t be more thankful for that. I  actually really love these colours on a Jordan 4 silhouette. It’s unexpected, and pleasantly clean.


When I first heard about the extended sizes, I thought to myself “Nah, I’m probably not going to be buying any GS shoes, the quality isn’t the same.” Last Saturday however, I found myself at the cash register with an 8.5Y of this year’s retro in hand. The quality on this GS pair, is really impressive. Tumbled leather hugs my feet nicely up until the sock liner where the structure of a stiffer leather is necessary.


“But Spoon, the eyelets of the GS pair, is smaller than the actual Men’s pair. Does that not bother you, good sir?” No. It truly doesn’t. For the record, no one’s asked me that question. But I do love how the Linen 4s look on foot. There really isn’t that much of a difference. I’m thoroughly happy with how this GS shoe translates into a Men’s size.

Can I talk about how dope the turquoise Jumpmans are on the shoe too? Such a subtle accent colour, but does enough to stand out on its own, without disrupting the neutral feel of the shoe.


If you couldn’t tell yet, I’m pretty amped about this pair. The colours, the materials, the details and quality are all on point. If you’re lucky enough to fit into kids’ sizes, do yourself a favour and pick up a pair of these. Yet another Jordan 4 in the collection, and another essential Summer shoe in my rotation.



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