45 Years of Nike Cortez

I’m not sure if there is a minimum tenure required to reach the stature of a certified classic; but if there is, I think we could all agree that the Nike Cortez has passed that benchmark. This year, the Cortez is celebrating its 45th anniversary, which in the grand scheme of things, is absolutely massive.

This morning, our friends at Nike Toronto blessed my doorstep with a package containing the iconic pair that was seen in the legendary movie, Forest Gump. More recently, these were spotted in an ad campaign featuring Bella Hadid in a 1970’s-esque photo of her on a mini-board. The crazy part is, while the photo was meant to look like a throwback, it is still an extremely trendy way to dress nowadays. And if that doesn’t tell you that the Cortez is a timeless sneaker, I don’t know what does.


The shoe itself remains pretty much unchanged from it’s original roots; with a synthetic upper sitting atop the very recognizable jagged rubber sole. The signature silver dubret across the laces is always unmissable. This particular version rocks a cherry red swoosh and a bright blue racing stripe along the midsole.


I’m a huge sucker for special packaging, and the 1970’s-inspired box that these came in is killer. Down the the paper on the inside, the packaging is A-1. I’m also a huge Kendrick Lamar fan, so the fact that I can now caption an Instagram picture with, “I ain’t rockin’ no more designer sh**, white T’s and Nike Cortez” make me happy.


Nike is also releasing two brand new colourways of the shoe, paying homage to two of the cities that helped make the sneaker what it is; Compton and Long Beach. As of right now, Livestock Canada has announced that they will be releasing the Compton pair, but no local shops have released information on the Long Beach joints.

Thank you as always to Nike Toronto, these will have a heavy presence my summer rotation.


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