Dear Jordan, From Toronto

Dear Jordan,

At the time that this article is being published, your doors have now been open for exactly one minute.  That means that one minute ago you officially changed the fabric of Toronto’s makeup.  We are now one minute deep into a new chapter in the city’s story.

If you were to ask any person from Toronto they would tell you that our city is the most diverse, culture-filled, and unique place in the world. Around every street corner is a new display of Toronto’s individuality. We all know this. By you opening your first standalone flagship in North America, right in the heart of the downtown core, you are nodding your head in agreeance; and for that we commend you.

For us this is more than just a store.  This is not simply a place where we will go and shop for limited releases. This is an ode to Toronto’s push to be a global superpower. This city is at the forefront of basketball, art, music, fashion, and culture. We are producing some of the most talented, creative, and innovative individuals on the planet. Toronto is unlike any other city, and you could not have chosen a better place to open your new Canadian residence.

Toronto’s lifeblood is interwound into the walls of 306 Yonge. You enlisted some of our most elite talent in order to help build your masterpiece, and they did not disappoint. Thank you for entrusting our city with the responsibility of representing the Jumpman; we take the challenge with pride. Welcome home.

From Toronto.


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