Dear Jordan, From QMart

It all started when I first saw your dominance on the hardwood. After experiencing your second set of 3-peat championships with the Bulls through 1995-1998. Having the opportunity to witness your greatness, your finesse and sophistication on the court was amazing on its own.


Nothing represented your versatility on and off the court more than the Air Jordan XI. It represented the finesse and sophistication of your game, while at the same time showed off your style and swag. Overall it was a sexy f**king shoe. Its versatility allowed people to rock it on the ball court and swag it out in everyday life.

As a young boy, my parents were not able to afford the XIs when they first came out. I never knew if I would ever have a chance to have them in my posession.

Fast Forward to 2011 and I walk into a Foot Locker and head straight to the cash desk to see if they are still taking  pre-orders for the Concords. With my luck I get to pre-order two “purrs” just before they hit their cap (*side Note: really, really wanted the DMPs, but could not afford those beauties). By this time in my life I knew that whoever I got married to, would have to accept the fact that these were my wedding shoe. I mean how could they not be? The sweet patent leather; the white and black colourway made the shoe the best and most comfortable dress shoe ever!

Processed with VSCO with  preset

Fast Forward again to 2015 and I get the biggest gift from my Groom Squad (*side Note: They were also the best because they all wore Gamma XIs to my wedding). The day of the wedding they surprise me with a pair of DMP XIs. This almost, almost, caused me to shed some tears. Ok maybe I shed a couple. But like what? Who is that lucky?

Anyway, I love my brothers and cannot thank them all enough for that amazing gift. That specific pair of DMP XIs will be in my posession forever. I was able to enjoy one of the Defining Moments of my life in one of my most prized sneakers in the collection. This, Sir Airness, is one of the reasons why you will be part my life forever. Appreciate You Jordan!

From QMart

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