Dear Jordan, From LDoggy

Dear Jordan,

When I first came up with the #DearJordan series I just wanted to find a way to tell the story of how sneakers changed my life. Back in the day, I was a young, impressionable, misfit of a teenager who didn’t really have a niche.

When I applied at Foot Locker, I only did it because my friend applied and I happened to be with him at the time. When I got the job, I had to go to Champs and get my mom to buy me some Air Force Ones because all I owned was skate shoes.


The culture surrounded me for 15 to 25 hours a week, every week. It was contagious, and I was catching the bug. I started with Nike Dunks. Nothing special, just whatever we had sitting in the Nike Sportswear section of the footwear wall at the time. Then, I saw how crazy and rabid the Jordan heads were; and I wanted in.

My very first pair of Jordans was a pair of clearance rack Jordan 1 Phat Lows in black and red (bred). My first ‘hype shoe’ was the Spiz’ikes that Nelly wore in the “Don’t Step on my J’s” music video. My first retro Jordan was none other than the Space Jam 11’s. But without explanation, through everything, the Jordan 3 still became and reamined my number one. I don’t really have a super heart-warming story about why this shoe will forever be my favourite, it kind of just is.


When thinking about the Jordan 3 over the past week, a few things came to mind.  One thing that keeps coming back is the history behind it. MJ was en route to leaving Jordan brand, and Tinker Hatfield managed to keep him aboard after showing him the Jordan 3. The sneaker was so good, Mike could not say no. Undeniable greatness.

I have managed to accomplish a decent amount of goals since I’ve started this whole sneaker thing. But still, from time to time, I find myself falling short. Early this year, I found myself at a plateau, I stopped driving for more, and I wasn’t living up to the potential I knew I had. In 2017, when we launched this blog, I had one goal. Be undeniable. Like the Jordan 3, I wanted to be great. I wanted to come to mind when people thought about the best there was. I wanted to be aggressive, but also welcoming. Basically I wanted people to have no choice but to f*ck with me. The Jordan 3, to me, is the physical representation of hard work, not giving up, and pushing the envelope. Everything I’m striving to do. The Jordan 3 was and still is undeniable.


The Air Jordan 3 was my favourite silhouette long before we launched, but the sneaker now has new meaning to me. I didn’t fall in love while wearing them, I didn’t make my first free throw while they were on my feet; but they do inspire me to never stop trying to improve, never take no for an answer, and never be denied again. MJ could not deny the brilliance of the Jordan 3, and I don’t want anyone to be able to deny me.

From LDoggy


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