Dear Jordan, From Doon

Dear Jordan,

I was hooked at the first feel of the canvas on my Dad’s AJKOs at 10yrs old.  Knew about you as the player at that time, and along with the infamous Jordan Wings logo; but the Wings on the KO’s had my curiosity peaking!

Dear Jordan%2c.jpeg

The black/red AJ1 has been a staple in the culture since you were wearing the Air Ships!  And man, the things you did while wearing them!  The historic 63 points you dropped on Bird and the Celtics to the “fines” you were taking due to ‘Uniformity of Uniform Rules.’  I’ve always taken it as “believe in what you believe, no matter the consequences.”  Be different.  Which in turn makes this an automatic “must cop” for sneakerheads; old and new.

In 2011, I had the opportunity to camp out for the “Banned 1” during my trip to NYC.   The Woodbury Commons Outlet was buzzing in the early morning hours.  Even the tourists that were walking around the outlet were curious!  “Is this the line for Coach?”  -“Haha!  No ma’am!”  As the minutes drew close to opening, the crowd was at least 40 deep (astonishing nowadays).  The crowd was going crazy!  They were even turning their shirts inside out to cop that second pair.  Didn’t last long though; security caught on.

Regardless, the black/red Air Jordan 1 will sell out no matter how many times it is retrod.


As I stated before, it’s a staple to all sneakerheads to have in their collection.  Whether you’re OG or new to the game.  An absolute must have.  We even used the sole in our Canada Got Sole logo. 


Thank you Jordan for all the dunks, the record breakers, the highlight reels, and the memories you created for me while in those shoes!

Screen Shot 2017-05-21 at 7.51.17 PM
via GettyImages

From Doon


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