Dear Jordan, From SneakerCloset

Dear Jordan,

Like most of us, I have been buying sneakers longer than I can remember. When you marry a sneaker designer at a young age, you really don’t have a choice but to be heavily involved with sneakers/footwear for life. But…

Unlike most sneaker fans, I missed the boat on Jordans and basketball shoes in general. I was too busy buying odd ball Puma/Asics and was far too heavily into Air Max to bother looking at the other side of most Foot Locker stores.


However, there was always one pair of Jordans that I always remembered from childhood. I remember when they first came out, and even remember which cool kids wore them (and I can’t remember last week!). The Military 4 was always, and always will be, the Jordan that takes me back to high school. Those awkward years of pastel polo shirts and dress shoes. I never did own a pair back then.

As my has taste evolved over the years, and social media took over sneaker fans’ lives, I was starting to be exposed to more shoes and styles than I was used to. No more being stuck in my running shoe lane.

In 2012 when they re-released again, I was finally able to buy the pair that will always make me think of my high school days back in the early 90’s. I was able to pick them up a week before release due to a local shop knowing it was my first Jordan – ever. Since then, they have been worn all over the world and been beaten pretty hard, and yet they still look great.

IMG_1605 (1)

One day I will pick up another retro version of these just to have, but I don’t think I will ever stop wearing this pair; my first Jordan.

From SneakerCloset


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