Dear Jordan, From Mere

Dear Jordan,

I don’t have an amazing story of how I have loved Jordans since I was a kid in middle school begging my parents for them. There was no one Jordan that I obsessed over. The hot sneakers at my middle school were Tretorns (I did beg my parents for those!) I didn’t play or even watch much basketball either. My sport was swimming… not exactly conducive to developing a love of footwear. So what right do I have to write a love letter? Aren’t I just jumping on a bandwagon 10 years too late? Maybe, but this Jordan love story is a story about true love.

photo via @laizey_bones

In 2014 I met someone and on our first date we talked about how much we both love sneakers… except I loved Air Max and she loved Jordans. At the time I didn’t have a single pair of J’s or really understand the history. I thought, “I can’t pull those off” and “those just aren’t for me”. We went on more dates and still I resisted, despite her love of Jordan the sneaker and Jordan the player. Every time we saw someone wearing J’s she would tell me why we had to get them; “MJ wore these when he scored 63 points against Larry Bird!” “MJ wore these in the 92 playoffs!” “These are the sneakers from Do The Right Thing!” That kind of passion becomes contagious.

photo via @laizey_bones

For my birthday that year she bought me a pair of Jordan 3s, a throwback jersey and tickets to a Raptors game. The sneakers went straight to feet and I realized I was falling in love. By December I was waiting in line at 5 in the morning with her to get us both the Legend Blue 11s and the rest is history.

photo via @laizey_bones

Three years later we are a rock solid team and I actually have more Jordans than Air Max in my collection. I love all of them; from collabs like the Atmos, to my Bred 1s, to GR’s like those Legend Blues that I lined up for. I respect the history, I love the sneakers and I got the girl. Here comes the cheesy part; Jordans mean everything to me because that’s how I got to know the most important person in my life. Sharing her passion brought us together. Every time I put on a pair of J’s it’s because of her.

From Mere


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