Dear Jordan, From GrailStatus

Dear Jordan,

The year is 2001. It’s my senior year in High School; I’m living in NY at the time. My pager time reads 8:30am and it’s time to make my way over to my local Foot Locker. The shoe on the menu today is the new Jordan ‘Bred’ XVI. It’s a school day, but the thought never even crossed my mind about possibly being late for school.


I remember walking up to Foot Locker and seeing a line, I seriously had to take a double look because I’ve never seen a line up for Jordans up until now. I take my place in line, and can hear some whispers of individuals voicing my same thoughts.


I’m chuckling as I type this next sentence because I remember saying to myself, “f*ck Rich you’re about to drop $160 on some Jays” – which was a bit more than the usual $120 at the time. Once the shoe is in hand that thought quickly goes out the window. “What a beauty’ are the words I silently uttered to myself. The details on the shoe were crazy. The all-black leather upper, not to mention that patent leather toe, as well as a clear outsole and visible air unit. The selling point for me was the full grain leather shroud. This allowed the shoe to display two different looks… And to be honest, the sh*t just looked dope.


The Jordan XVI was a shoe I rocked almost every day. I literally beat this shoe into the ground; which for me was a rarity. Jordan Brand continued the onslaught of dope colourways such as the Cherrywood, Ginger, and Midnight Navy. The brand even released a low model which once again was an auto cop for me. I have been fortunate to track down all of the OG XVIs thru the years with only the black low pair still eluding me.


Most of my pairs aren’t wearable anymore, but when your love runs deep for a shoe just having it in your possession will suffice. The Jordan XVI will always hold a special place in my heart because it’s the first shoe I lined up for.

From GrailStatus


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