Dear Jordan, From InkAndMoney

Dear Jordan,

Olive 9’s… I know it doesn’t sound like much…

My favourite Jordan of all time is the Jordan 11’s; me, and damn near everyone else in the sneaker community. But the Olive 9’s mean more to me than looks and popularity.


It started many years back I was probably 15 or 16 years old. At this time in my life I had a crazy love for Jordan sneakers, although at the time I didn’t own any.

It was a nice summer day, perfect for a game of 2 on 2 basketball. There was 3 of us sitting there at the time when Nathaniel (NG) walked up with the ugliest pair of shoes; he had us rolling on the floor dying of laughter. When he said “what’s so funny guys, I just bought them from SVP for $25.00”, we were like synchronized swimmers when the laughing stopped — and the foot race began. I got there first: huffing and puffing, yelling, (short of breath) “do you have a size 8 in these!?” The salesman said, “Yes we do”. There they were, my first pair of Jordans – Olive 9’s.


So when they released again in 2012, it was a for sure ‘cop’. I’ve turned down multiple offers on them.

They’ve grown on me now, and I love them!

From InkAndMoney



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