Air Jordan IV – Pure Money

The nickname of this pair, literally describes itself. Pure Money. Originally launching in 2005, this retro comes back 12 years later just in time for Summer.


An Air Jordan 4 silhouette, wrapped in a bright white? No-brainer. This pair was a must-have for me. The metallic silver accents on these are beautiful. The eyelets and the Jumpman just pop. I just can’t stop staring at the shiny Jumpman.


Speaking of nice touches, the leather Jordan Brand used for the Pure Money 4s are on point. The panels are so buttery. I love the feel, and I love the quality. The slightly hidden detail behind the heel tab makes this pair that much more desirable. Details that you need to find on a shoe, like the embroidered “PURE$”, always excites me. I’m a sucker for little details that help to tell a story.

I can guarantee that you’ll catch the Pure Money 4s in my summer footwear rotation. You can bet that I won’t be the only one rocking these all season long either.


Allan "Spoonr" Martinez

A Super Duper geek, Twitch Affiliate and Graphic Designer. Video games, superheroes, Disney and collecting. A Kinda Funny Best Friend! — He/Him

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