Anti Resell Resell Club

The topic of reselling has become quite a large talking point for sneakerheads in the past couple of years. Alongside the rise of the sneaker culture, the rise of flipping sneakers for profit has caused a stir for many people. Some swear against it, and some just accept it as part of the culture. I’ve had some interesting conversations with some interesting people over the last week or so about the topic, so I’m writing this article to give you my take on one of the most debated parts of sneaker culture.

First and foremost, the super sick phrase “Anti Resell Resell Club” was coined by the homie @23Penny, one of the biggest secondary sources for sneakers that I know of. So in no way am I trying to take credit for it.

Reselling is present everywhere. Wherever there is inherent value, there is someone trying to buy low and sell high.  Stocks, Real Estate, concert or sporting event tickets; they’re all victims of reselling. If you’ve ever purchased a pair of Toronto Raptor tickets off of StubHub then you’ve cashed out a reseller.

In my opinion, there are three types of resellers. The first is the typical dude who’s lining up for releases and picking up the most popular size so he can flip them on Kijiji in a few hours. This guy is making an extra few hundred dollars every once in a while, but nothing enough to quit his day job. He’s the guy you love to hate on. You see him at every launch, he’s always first in line, and he always takes the size you needed. To me, this is the reseller everyone hates.

The second type of reseller is the one who collects, wears, and has a genuine love for the game. Sh*t happens, and everyone gets low on funds every once in a while. So instead of hitting that overdraft limit on the debit card, he sells an old pair that he hasn’t worn in two years. There have been occasions where I’ve needed the cash and have had to sell some personal pairs to get some dough. Is this reselling? By definition, yes. But does this make me a “reseller“? That could be argued either way. Regardless, if you’re selling a shoe on the secondary market, you are technically reselling.

Finally, we’ve got the large-scale, big-time, resellers. These are the guys who seem to have two full size runs of every release. The guys who have a website, the guys who take Paypal, VISA, debit, whatever you’ve got. Generally, these guys don’t seem to get the same flack as the dude who’s sitting in his lawn chair trying to make $100.00 off of a pair of Royal 1’s. Why? Well it’s pretty simple I think; because you don’t see these guys sitting in a lawn chair trying to make $100.00 of a pair of Royal 1’s. They are professionals, who carry out their business like any other legitimate establishment you can think of. Some accept returns, some will offer free shipping, some will even take pre-orders.

As much as it could be easy to hate these guys the most, you can’t.  They hustle behind the scenes, and their full-time job is providing a service for those who may not have had the fortune of copping the newest pair of sneakers. They may charge more than retail, but why would they charge less than market value?  Johnny Lawn Chair would just swoop in and buy their stock and flip for his own gain. I don’t want to name drop, but if I write a follow-up, I’ll ask permission from some personal friends who run reselling businesses.

Now lets not get it twisted, it does suck that there are people who are making a profit off of people who just want to collect or wear sneakers.  Having to pay a reseller two times the retail of a shoe that I want to wear is a horrible experience. But, if there was no secondary market for sneakers, how would you get a drop that you may have had the misfortune of missing? If everyone bought to keep, then missing a release would mean there would be absolutely no way of acquiring something past the release date.

Clearly this whole subject is riddled with differing angles. Some aspects of reselling are positive, and some are sh*tty. I tried my best to keep this short enough to not lose interest, but it’s absolutely possible that I’ll revisit this in the future, because I’ve got tons more to get off my chest about this topic. Let me know if you liked the subject matter, and stay tuned for more.





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