When it comes to I.Deas… Just Do It.

Since I have started playing ‘grown up’, owning a house and having a beautiful baby girl. The sneaker purchasing has definitely become more controlled and I have been more and more picky with purchases. Rewind to my birthday in March (aka Air Max Month) some of the familia decide to gift me some funds. Naturally, having extra cash, one thinks of what sneakers can be purchased. After striking out on a few pairs of Air Max 1s, I finally said “F#*$ It”, lets order some I.Ds.

The first one that was a must were the Jeff Staple, Pigeon SB inspired Air Max 1s I.Ds. I first saw these on instagram from @Raph_is_a_Joke, his pair was complete as he was able to attain the actual Pigeon patch. Patch or no patch, these were love at first site and I needed them!

The second pair was inspired by the ever so elusive Air Jordan IV “Undefeated”. That has always been a colorway that I have loved. Something about the olive green and orange that makes the shoes perfect.

After 5 long weeks of waiting on these beauties to come in, I finally had them within my posession. The first box I open are the Pigeon SB inspired I.Ds. Holding them in my hand for the first time. They look flawlesss, exactly as I imagined them. The colors were accurate to what they had on the Nike website. The suede so soft and the mesh was perfect.

The second box I open are the AJ IV “Undefeated” inspired I.Ds. From the Olive Green, the Orange on the inner lining, to the white speckle on the midsole, these turned out gorgeous. The previews provided while you design the I.Ds do not do them justice.  

Final verdict, putting my I.Deas into fruition was well worth it. You cannot ask for more than a pair of sneakers that are your design and colors of your choice. From a previous article I wrote, I mentioned being able to tranfer famous colorways from one silhouette to another. This is probably my favorite thing about I.Ds because the sky is literally the limit. Quality wise you definitely get what you pay for, mesh, leather, suede, its all good quality. On top of that you can put custom lettering on the heel.

If you have an I.Dea… “Just Do It”

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