To quote the extremely provocative and very inspirational Vin Diesel; I don’t got friends… *clears throat*… I got family.


This past week, I spent a few days visiting the party capital of Canada – Montreal. However, I was not there to get drunk or dance the night away (although both of those things may have happened); I made the trek because the very first #BragAffairSneakerSummit was going down. The homie, Kalby, from Calgary, announced that he was making the trip across the country to visit Montreal, and that’s all it took for a domino effect of people to descend upon the city.


The trip started off with us all recording an episode of The Sneaker Podcast in the Adidas Originals Montreal store. The cast included myself, Chris Chiu, Kalby and Jonathan Kim (The Brag Affair), Alex, Mike D and Clo (The Sneaker Podcast), and none other than Queen Cherry. Having that many minds, from such a diverse set of locations made for such an amazing conversation. We covered everything from smoked meat to sneakers, and its absolutely worth a listen (click HERE).


Day two involved a ton of amazing meals (I think I ate lunch four times), numerous photo shoots, and shopping on the bustling Rue St. Catherine. I didn’t manage to find anything I wanted to pick up, but spending the day with these guys was more than enough (insert cheese emoji). We all wound up at Chris’ house and had a Fast and Furious style dinner – complete with Chinese food and too many not enough Coronas. Adding to the star-studded list of attendees at this glamorous dinner was none other than graphic design extraordinaire, @mstrpln.

The ins and outs of this trip are nothing overly noteworthy; we shopped, drank, ate, hung out, and drank. The more extraordinary part of this trip was the fact that most of the people who sat around the table at Adidas Originals for The Sneaker Podcast had never met until that moment. Most of the trip I found myself saying “nice to meet you”, but also embracing these same people with a hug; as if I had known them for a decade. But thats because the connection wasn’t established when we first walked up and shook hands, it was established one, two, even three years ago when we met on social media outlets. I have had to try and explain to many people with confused faces that the first time I formally met Kalby was when I picked him up from the airport to come sleep at my house while he stayed in Toronto for a weekend. But I didn’t meet Kalby that day, I met Kalby several years prior, when he first started using #CanadaGotSole on his sneaker shots.


The sneaker game has become an entire lifestyle for many individuals, but so many people forget to see the fun, excitement, and most of all friendships that can be developed just because of a shared passion. I can’t express enough how much I love what I do, and that’s why I do it.  I’m not here to get rich, I’m not here for free gear, I’m not trying to get famous; I have a passion for sneakers, and I want to share my passion and spread positivity into a community that is beginning to become a screw-face contest. The people who I spent time with in Montreal share the same attitude as I do, and that is why this trip was so special. These few days are a testament to the true reason why Canada Got Sole even exists; collaboration, not competition. Thank you so much to the local boys who made the trip happen in the first place. Once again, take a listen to the Pod by clicking HERE, the conversation we had was absolutely worth a listen.


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